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WEBINAR: How to Maximize Your Customer Success Team in 2020
Are your employees representing your organization in the way you’d expect?

Communicating effectively with your most valuable clients and prospects is paramount to the success of your business.

Does your team struggle with:
- Communication via phone, email or chat?
- Cross-Selling and/or missed opportunities?
- Dealing with difficult customers or situations?
- Building up confidence and not taking things personally?

This webinar is designed to help you change behavior and the face of your organization.

Participants will learn:
- Ways to uncover what the customer really wants
- How to develop professional communication skills
- The best ways to deal with difficult people
- How to understand customer behavior
- and much more…

Do you know what it costs (money and time) to replace a good customer who left due to poor customer service? Join Mark McGraw or Sandler Training Atlanta for our live 1-hour webinar and transform your frontline team and business.
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