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Automated Governance | Tackle your dark data on Shared Drives & Microsoft
The current wave of consumer privacy & protection regulations and the explosive growth of records are challenging organizations to rethink how they find, classify and manage sensitive, personal, critical and regulated information - especially with customer information residing in the unstructured format on network drives, SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Many organizations have had initial success with structured data, but struggle when it comes to addressing privacy regulations for their vast stores of enterprise documents and records.
● Wondering how to automatically identify and act on all of the sensitive information residing in documents on your Shared Drives, SharePoint farms and Microsoft 365?
● Concerned about tracking down personal information for data access and deletion rights under current privacy regulations?
● How can automated insights into your content help you take the right steps to protect and take action on regulated data?

Join industry experts Greg Wilson, Director of Content Services, ASG Technologies; Jan Falkenstein, Senior Solutions Engineer, ASG Technologies and Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions, BigID as they share their insights on how to pave the road to reducing privacy risk and automating compliance requirements for their content and files, including:

● How best to bring outlying documents and ‘dark data’ into your governance practice
● Extend information governance and data privacy to shared drives, SharePoint and Microsoft365
● How to automate migration, legal holds, redaction and disposition policies based on classification insights
● How to leverage personal information knowledge for GDPR data access and deletion rights fulfilment
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