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"Interdisciplinarity" is a genuinely fancy word academics like to use to demonstrate that they can pronounce a lot of syllables and read books from different sections of the library.
However, it is also a way to help adding cohesion to a class's learning experience by focusing on a common theme from several subject areas within several lessons.
Furthermore, interdisciplinarity (not even Microsoft Word thinks it's an actual word!) integrates topics and approaches that otherwise would not even cross each other. Besides, showing students connections between different areas that are usually siloed off, can help them develop their own skills in making creative links and provide a more accurate and engaging reflection of what real-life research—and real-life in general—can look like.
If you are a primary- or middle school teacher, you can still transform or modify your way of teaching and managing the students. After accomplishing this webinar with ILET & Schooling, you will be able to create interdisciplinary learning topics for your students and get insights about interdisciplinary.
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Ingvar Stål
Academic Leader @ILET & Schooling Group
Dr. Stål is ILETS(School of Education, University of Glasgow) International Advisor on Interdisciplinary Science Curricula in schools. He is a researcher, professional teacher, educator, and philosopher. I have worked as a teacher in many international contexts. During the past 15 years, he has been Head of Science at Botby Junior High School in Helsinki, Finland.