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ASHE / ELEVATE: Social Media for the Busy Professional
In today’s increasingly digital world, your social media presence isn’t merely a “when I have time” activity, it is a necessary part of your business development strategy. Effective social media use can be a struggle, especially when trying to juggle 100 tasks at once. Social media can, and often does, fall far down on the to-do list. Social media channels, especially LinkedIn, are an effective way to connect with clients and share information about you, your firm, your vision, and your story. This webinar will take you through social media strategies for the busy professional that will help increase your visibility, and position you with your clients in just minutes a day.

1. Learn how to improve your social media profile to make others take notice.
2. Understand simple techniques for raising your social media profile in minutes a day.
3. Learn how to use a social media calendar to help you organize your social media efforts and keep them a priority.
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