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We the People: Required Watching - FIRST DAUGHTER AND THE BLACK SNAKE - Live Discussion
MSP Film and The Great Northern present a special WE THE PEOPLE: REQUIRED WATCHING conversation around the documentary FIRST DAUGHTER AND THE BLACK SNAKE with Keri Pickett (Filmmaker), Winona LaDuke (Economist and Executive Director of Honor the Earth), moderated by MSP Film Society Programmer Craig Rice.

When: Sunday, January 31 at 7pm.

About the film: Winona LaDuke believes Big Oil is the black snake predicted in indigenous prophecy to bring the earth’s destruction. When new oil pipelines threaten sacred wild rice lakes, Winona dreams of riding her horse against the current of oil, organizing a spiritual ride, "because a horse can kill a snake."

Watch the film on mspfilm.org January 28 - February 7.

This conversation is part of The Great Northern festival and MSP Film's WE THE PEOPLE: REQUIRED WATCHING, a series designed to spark conversation around current events and issues of social impact affecting our community, country and world. All WE THE PEOPLE online discussions are generously supported by Kelly and Mike Palmer.

The Great Northern celebrates our cold, creative winters through ten days of diverse programming that invigorate mind and body. In an era of changing climate that threatens our signature season, we seek to create community, inspire action, and share the resilient spirit of the North with the world. thegreatnorthernfestival.com
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