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Challenge Dialogue System Info Session


Feb 25, 2020 12:45 PM

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Keith Jones
CDS Master Practitioner & Mentor, CDS Learning Program Co-Lead @CDS
As a management consultant in the last 24 years Keith has facilitated numerous dialogues that engage diverse groups to address complex challenges in an effective and efficient manner. To support this work, Keith is a skilled practitioner of the Challenge Dialogue System™ (CDS) and Theory of Change methodologies. These approaches draw strongly on the principles of collaboration, building trust, systems and design thinking, learning, and the power of purposeful conversation. In total, this mix of principles, processes and tools align closely with and complement the goals and approaches used to support collective impact.
Tom Ogaranko
CDS Master Practitioner, CDS Learning Program Co-Lead @CDS
Tom Ogaranko leads transformative change with high performing teams focused on complex challenges. Over his 24-year career, he has founded, built and exited multiple technology companies in advanced technology industries. He has advised several provincial Governments, Canada, and France on innovation policy and has been involved in structuring three crown agencies involved in research, innovation and technology development. Tom has assembled and structured $900 mm of investment funds for stimulating and growing innovative capacity for public and private clients. Tom is a frequent adviser to the Government on policies to grow ICT, biotechnology, genomics and cleantech sectors. Tom has also actively advised some of the leading innovative companies in Canada's pharmaceutical, energy, telecommunications and technology sectors.