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Embracing Challenge in Crisis
"Embracing Challenge in Crisis", a specially formulated event with 3 high caliber speakers; President of Dale Carnegie, CEO of HR Fabula and Partner of Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting with expertise in 3 different subject matters that are especially relevant now.
We have invited some leaders to speak with you on how to stay focused in times of crisis.

Partner of Monitor Deloitte, Christian Boettcher - insight from Strategy Consulting with top-tier corporations from Life Science to Consumer industries and how there are growing industries even now. Opportunities that are active, even in the current market.

Previous Partner at PwC & CEO of HR Fabula, Shinya Yamamoto - Sharing expertise form years of People Management consulting with top-tier firms, on what this pandemic means for organizations and how organizations in Japan can change for the better, because of it. Including what you can do for your organization or for yourself.

President of Dale Carnegie, Greg Story - Taking advantage of time at home to upgrade your skills and certifications. Some insight from his experience with top executives and how this investment in themselves has really benefited them.

At the end of the online event we will be bringing you even more value to include, government subsidy information, Other online events from high caliber and trusted sources, free training, Coaching services, physical training and more.


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