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Positive Impact of ESG During & Post-Covid
Defining ESG in structured finance and ESG considerations as they relate to securitized assets
The creation of Covid-19 social bonds - Investing in Covid-19 social Bonds, a new subset of ESG investments. New issuances of the Covid-related bonds could propel social bonds into the ESG spotlight. A review of the benefits, opportunities and challenges.
How can we close the gap between current ESG reporting and investor expectations?
Sustainability Bonds and the re-allocation of capital flows towards sustainable projects. Where do we stand in meeting Sustainable Development Goals and how can the capital markets play a role in achieving these?
With an increased focus on ESG investing, what will be the next sectors to evolve towards ESG and what are the hurdles?
What is the range of returns for ESG investments, and how do investors view these (absolute returns correlative to all investments)? Are these investments outperforming the market and worth the risk?
ESG Measurement & Management: Data Analytics, Certification, and Scoring.
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