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Remote working and virtual teams Session 3 - Aus/NZ, Asia, Africa and India

Mar 31, 2020 03:00 PM in Brisbane

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Donna PA Eiby
Academic & Creative Director The Future Work Skills Academy @The Future Work Skills Academy
Hi, my name is Donna P.A. Eiby and I am the founder of the Future Work Skills Academy. My days are spent collaborating with specialists globally to develop and deliver engaging learning experiences designed to enhance your uniquely human skills. My particular passion is the building of remote teams and increasing agency in virtual collaboration.
Dr Sandeep Atre
Social & Emotional Intelligence Skills Coach The Future Work Skills Academy @Socialigence
Hi, I am Dr. Sandeep Atre your FWSA Social Intelligence Skills Coach. I am passionate about helping people understand themselves holistically, connect to each other in meaningful ways, and unleash their potential as individuals and as members of teams. I am the Founder of Socialigence – a venture that specialises in the development of Social Intelligence’ through online-courses and workshops. I am also author of two books – ‘Understanding Emotions Logically’ and ‘Observing Nonverbal Behavior’. Over the past 15 years, I have customised the concepts of Social Intelligence and interpersonal communication and found joy in transferring the power of Social Intelligence to people across the world.