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Online Workshop: The Question Formulation Technique for Research
How important is the ability to formulate a good question for thinking, learning, researching, and problem-solving? Richard Feynman, the Nobel Laureate and physicist, said simply, “there is no learning without having to pose a question.” Edward Witten of the Institute of Advanced Studies says that it is so important that he spends his days trying to find “the right questions to ask.”

During this active learning online workshop Andrew P. Minigan, Director of Strategy for the Education Program, will teach you how to use the Question Formulation Technique, a powerful yet simple strategy that researchers can use to formulate better, more transformative research questions. Participants will also learn about preliminary findings on National Science Foundation funded research investigating how this strategy supports academic research.

This online workshop will include:
- an overview of the interdisciplinary value of the skill of question formulation,
- an active learning experience with the QFT- an analysis and unpacking of how and why the QFT works,
– a brief review of emerging findings on how the QFT supports researchers’ work.


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