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Flow: The Secret to Peak Performance


Jul 24, 2018 11:50 AM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Steve Brophy
Educator, Leader and Coach @Thrive Capacity
Steve Brophy is an award winning educator, leader and coach who lives to learn, grow and share. He is incredibly passionate about flow, focus, productivity, well-being and peak performance. Why? Because everyone is extraordinary. Sometimes we just need a little help getting out of our own way. Steve is dedicated to the mission of helping others discover their extraordinary through his business Thrive Capacity. (
Georgia Ellis
Creator of Blue Chip Minds, Conscious Architects of Life, Life Reloaded Masterclass and the 'Ellis in Wunderland' Podcast @Blue Chip Minds
I believe that every person and business can successfully bring their vision and goals to life. I understand that personal mastery is a fundamental requirement on our journey of success. After 22 years working in the finance industry and 17+ years researching human potential, philosophy, spirituality, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, quantum physics, epigenetics, psychology, flow and various business models for success, I now teach individuals and teams around the world how to reprogram their minds for success. I created Blue Chip Minds, Conscious Architects of Life, Life Reloaded Masterclass and the Ellis in Wunderland Podcast as vehicles for change. My mission is to help you thrive and to be an integral part in building a world where more of us experience exponential growth. I see’s self mastery as the cornerstone to raising consciousness and know that by leveraging from other peoples passion and expertise we can grow together and create a positive ripple affect in the world.
Mike Andler
Consciousness Hacker: M5 Performance. CPO: AdVRtze Agency. Engagement Manager/VPE: Silicon Valley Software Group @M5 Performance
Mike Andler is an executive who blends deep expertise in organizational architecture, behavioral dynamics and process implementation to lead technology innovation. Mike's balanced left+right brained creativity and broad industry experience enable him to assess and optimize teams, products and brands utilizing a thought provoking, intuitive approach. Complementing his technology background, Mike is a health and fitness fanatic, marathoner and live music junky. Launching late 2018, self-described performance THC evangelist. Mike will be launching M5 Performance, a consultancy aimed at disseminating the art, science and magic of enhanced human performance through the combined use of mind, music, movement, meditation and marijuana. Mike believes that systematic preparation yields stream of consciousness execution. P.S - And he has a deep love affair with his soulmate & rescue dog Steve