Kwanzaa Online Black History Camp 2018
Every year, the Uhuru Academy celebrates Kwanzaa with the community. This year, we want to celebrate with our global family by offering a live, online, cultural enrichment experience like no other! So many of us are still yearning to learn our story. Of course, our entire history can't be taught in seven days, but we have developed a curriculum that will not only teach you key events in our history, but will help guide you on your independent journey into knowledge of self. You will learn about key scholars and their contributions, ancient Afrikan civilizations, Afrikan contributions to math, science, etc. You will explore the Afrikan Centered Worldview, study and learn about the MAAFA and Afrikan resistance to oppression, and explore how we can utilize knowledge of our past to bring about an understanding of our present, and propel us into the future. It's a class for the whole family!! Call & Response questions, interactive lectures, videos, and group activities will keep everyone engaged. It's also a great opportunity to meet other Afrikan families that are seeking to know more about Our Story. What better way to raise funds for Afrikan Centered Education than to offer classes to our global Afrikan family!


Day I: Who Are We?
Day II: The Motherland
Day III: Great Afrikan Civilizations
Day IV: The Maafa
Day V: Afrikan Contributions to America
Day VI: The Freedom Fighters
Day VII: Black 2 the Future

$20 per day/per Family (up to 2 devices streaming)
$140 for the full 7 - Day Course
$100 for the full week if you pay in full by 12/23/2018 ($40 savings)
$120 for the full week if you pay in full by 12/25/2018 ($20 savings)
Webinar is over, you cannot register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Amin Ojuok.