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Hubble Space Telescope Images and the Astronomical Sublime
Join the American Institute of Physics for a special Lyne Starling Trimble Science Heritage Public Lecture. AIP's Center for History of Physics is pleased to welcome Dr. Elizabeth A. Kessler as the presenter for this live webcast.

For 30-years, the Hubble Space Telescope images have depicted the cosmos as vividly colored and incredible detailed. These impressive, dynamic spaces—the now familiar views of glittering galaxies, and ethereal nebulae—are scientifically valid representations based on data, and they also evoke a powerful aesthetic response. They encourage us to see the universe as sublime. This talk will situate the Hubble images within a longer history of the sublime, with a focus on their relationship to 19th century paintings and photographs of the American West, as well as speak to how Hubble images—and astronomical images more generally—encourage us to see the cosmos as sublime, but also tame or contain it.
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