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Adult Depression: Getting on the Path to Wellness as a Family
When one person in the family is struggling with depression, the entire family is affected. As a caregiver to an adult with depression, you’ll likely need to carry more of the household responsibilities. You might worry about them keeping up at work. And they might have trouble performing daily life activities, like getting out of bed. The stress on you may be piling up while each of your family members may need support. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your loved one, your family, and yourself to get on the path to wellness.

In this webinar, Dr. Christine M. Crawford discusses the causes and symptoms of depression in adults, practical ways that caregivers can support a loved one in getting help and accessing treatment, and how caregivers can support their families during episodes of depression. If your family is facing depression for the first time or you are looking for strategies to support your family members through a depressive episode, this webinar is for you.


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