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Don't dread the Strategic Plan!
Does talk of strategic planning make your team's eyes role with "here we go again"? Have you got a strategic plan that was fun to create but sits on the shelf un-read once the real world takes over again? Or do you create great strategies with fabulous intentions but a couple of months later you just can't work out why it's not working out, until eventually everyone slips back into the old habits?

Trust us, you're not alone. Statistically, 60-70% of change initiatives, especially strategic plans, fail. Why? Because we believe that the work is in the creation of a plan, rather than delivery of it. Because the nature of shelters and the nature of people is that when the going gets tough, we revert to what we're comfortable with.

This session is an introduction to how to ensure your strategic plan is aspirational enough AND deliverable. On how to create a vision that inspires, how to ensure your organisation is moving forward, how to engage your people in the plan. And the step we usually miss: how to implement it in a way that ensures it's not just a document that sits on a shelf until the next planning session in three years.

If any of this resonates with your organisation, this session is absolutely for you - and for you to invite your Board/CEO/senior managers to attend with you!

Session presenter: Dr Jess Moore-Jones

Jess has been Executive Manager, CEO and Senior Advisor to shelters large and small, local and international, government and charitable. Having worked with more than a dozen shelters to assist with culture, structure, strategy and operational delivery (as well as some niche passions such as human behaviour for animal welfare and professional resilience), Jess has seen so many ways of doing things that she is able to pull all the best ideas together, and work out how they can be applied to each organisation's unique challenges and opportunities.

Apr 23, 2021 11:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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