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Peaceful Awakenings 2020 Masterclasses with Tracy Becker - Series 2 Transcending the Physical Reality
2020 Schedule:

May 3rd through June 14th (closed May 24th for Memorial Day) ~ Transcending the Physical Reality. In this 6 week series we will go over all aspects of creating, overcoming and understanding this physical reality we live in and how to transcend it so that you are no longer reactive to it. What freedom this brings. You will be see and experiencing everything differently as you evolve into new dimensions of being through this series.

August 2nd through September 13th (closed September 6th for Labor Day) ~ Transcending the Mental Constructs. In this 6 week series we will go over the constructs, limits and habits of the mind and gain valuable ways to transcend these mental constructs to use for your benefit in evolving and becoming a master at managing the very busy and sometimes destructive mind.

November 1st through December 6th ~ Transcending the Memories Body. In this 6 week series we will work on the most subtle of the four human bodies. It is called the Etheric body, but what it does that is so important is that it hold all of your memories, even the ones you don't have any consciousness about. This can be tricky, but profoundly liberating as you begin to rise above these limiting memories and make friends with the ones that are going to get you to the peace and love that you desire.
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