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How to secure your company data on mobile devices
BYOD has become the most popular means of accessing applications and information in many organisations. However, the major challenge is not in enforcing a BYOD program and reinstating job satisfaction but mobilizing business operations without risks of data leakage.

This webinar discusses how IT admins can overcome the burden of MDM and how containerization diminishes the craving need to balance between security and employee satisfaction.

Join us on Thursday 30 January 2020 to learn how to overcome the burden of MDM.

• Less work: MDM is very complex and requires much resource to manage. Did you know there is an alternative?

• Do more: an all-in-one secure container app providing even more functionality than adding additional apps to have the same features e.g. including scans and pictures

• Less intrusive to employees: as an employer you can prove to your employee that it is impossible to monitor the usage of their mobile device


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