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Wominvest Session II - how to identify and overcome the root, cultural causes and of the access to capital by women led VCs and women led businesses.
There are many root causes for suffering of this gender investment gap in our society. The cultural issue of the traditional family model where the women are at home, fear of talking about money, lack of financial and investment knowledge, limited access to knowledge about entrepreneurship, limited access to business knowledge, limited access to information about investment opportunities and how to go through a deal flow. Financial information and experience often are only accessible to certain environments with a certain social status.
Additionally, the current process to access capital inside venture capitals, business angels, LP and banking private equity firms favors gender inequality towards men. The latest statistics 2% of women-led SMEs polled were found to use venture capital to fund their businesses and 11% in the European Union for companies with at least one female founder (mixed teams) (EIB report, 2020). All the while “Across every region, the median revenues of women-led companies outperform or were at least equivalent to those of the broader population” is stated in the EIB report on Funding Women Entrepreneurs: How to Empower Growth. June 2020.
Furthermore, questions to debate are how can we change the decision making process inside VCs and Banking private equity by improving expert knowledge and transparency of the process. Besides, other questions is how can we increase the number of women investors and woman partners inside the investment decision making tables to increase the number of investments or co-investments with women-led venture funds, dedicated impact funds and funds with a smart gender lens investment focus and diversify the traditional VCs, LP and Banking private equity.

Dec 9, 2020 10:45 AM in Paris

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