Drone Risk Analysis by IDRONECT
Join us in this new webinar dedicated to drone safety. More in particular we will be talking about the different aspects of risk analysis when it comes to flying with drones. Why is risk analysis so important ? How to start ? Which methods exist ? Which method is best for my type of drone flying ?

The webinar is completely free and we look forward seeing you there !

talk to you soon,

Tom from IDRONECT.

Nov 28, 2019 06:00 PM in Brussels

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Tom Verbruggen
Tom Verbruggen is the co-founder and CEO of IDRONECT. Tom holds a Msc degree in Aviation Mechanics and has logged thousands of flight hours as an airline transport pilot. He is an aviation entrepreneur specialised in aviation safety and compliance and he loves to share his experience. He started IDRONECT 4 years ago in order to support drone pilots to fly more in a safe, legal and efficient manner. He believes drones are great disruptive tools that can help change lives.