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Exploring Opportunities for the European and United States Foam and Adhesives Supply Chains in China’s Domestic Markets
The Chinese economy is second only to the United States and has been growing rapidly over the past 30 years. Following disruptions to both global and domestic supply chains as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, waterway blockages and natural disasters many companies are reportedly keen to look at new avenues for business expansion. One way of doing so is to look at China’s domestic markets which offer a range of opportunities in sectors such as automotive, electric and hybrid vehicles, aerospace renewable energy and apparel. However, export tariffs and transportation costs do present a potential barrier of entry to these markets.
Based on interview research conducted with the supply chain, Foam Expo and Adhesives & Bonding Expo team produced a feature article exploring opportunities for US and European based companies in China. A panel of industry experts will discuss the findings in the article and conduct anonymous polls with the audience to ascertain their perspective on opportunities in China.

Points to be discussed:
· Determining the extent to which the European and US foam and adhesives supply chains have an established presence in China’s domestic markets
· Exploring market growth opportunities for the foam and adhesives supply chains in China’s domestic markets
· Understanding the potential challenges that must be considered for US and European businesses

· Curt Huettner, Director Of Sales, Milcut Inc

· Steve Sopher, Technical Director, JSP
· Vahid Salamat, Sales & Business Development Director, Erlenbach Machines
· Michael Chan Managing Director, Kurtz Ersa Asia
· James Bridges, Director of HPP Business Units, Zotefoams plc

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