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SPEAKER SUCCESS TRAINING - Step into Your Discomfort Zone
Step Into Your Discomfort Zone: A 6-Part System to Find Transformational Success In Your Discomfort Zone

During our time together, we’ll explore how to step into your discomfort zone.

Embrace Discomfort: Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable and safe? The world is a hard enough place as it is, no need to complain about people seeking comfort. By all means – strive for comfort! Just remember one thing though – what seems comfortable now, may not always be so cozy. If you want to grow and change as a person, you will need to get uncomfortable now and then.


1) Examine discomfort – figure out what is making you uncomfortable.

2) Reflect on discomfort – discover how it’s holding you back

3) Visualize your future – dream of what lies beyond the discomfort

4) Embrace your discomfort – prepare to step into your discomfort zone

5) Commit to leaving your comfort zone – take daily steps toward the edge of comfort

Aug 10, 2022 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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