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New Economy Series - FinTech: The Confluence of Finance and Technology
Everyday, millions of people leverage Financial technology (FinTech), often without knowing it. Services like PayPal, Venmo, and their underlying technologies have blurred the line between finance and technology. With the rapid development and implementation of FinTech, regulators are attempting to keep up. How do institutions of higher education best capitalize on this critical field while also keeping consumer and institutional financial data and technology processes safe?

UPCEA, in partnership with ThriveDX and Lightcast, has produced a series of webinars to address new topics and industry developments in the new economy. The webinars will focus on understanding these industries, skills professionals need to succeed in these fields, and the role higher education will need to play to make the best and most secure uses of these rapidly developing opportunities. The second of these webinars will focus on FinTech and will detail emerging technologies, cybersecurity components and considerations necessary for safe usage of the technologies, regulations, occupational demographics, and hiring and skill development needs that are coming to attention as FinTech usage grows.


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Roy Zur
CEO @ThriveDX Enterprise
Roy Zur, a serial entrepreneur, is Founder & CEO of ThriveDX’s Enterprise Division the global education company committed to transforming lives through digital skills training and solutions. In August of 2021, ThriveDX acquired Cybint Solutions where he also served as CEO since founding the company in 2014. Roy is a 15-year veteran of the vaunted Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force, where he served as a Major, which instilled in him early a passion for addressing the “human factor” of cybersecurity training – currently the #1 vulnerability across the threat landscape. In addition to steering the vision of ThriveDX’s Enterprise Division, Roy serves as adjunct professor of risk management in cybersecurity at IDC Herzliya in Israel. He is also Founder and Chairman of the non-profit Israeli Institute for Policy and Legislation, and a member of the Forbes Business Council.
Jim Fong
Chief Research Officer @UPCEA
Bruce Etter
Director of Research and Consulting @UPCEA
Gabrielle Kappes
Account Manager, Education Partnerships @Lightcast
Morgan Markley
Account Manager, Education Partnerships @Lightcast