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YMCA - Cannabis and The Adolescent Brain
Youth Cannabis Awareness Program (YCAP) - Cannabis and the Adolescent Brain

YCAP is a national program funded by Health Canada, educating youth about cannabis-related subjects through a neutral lens with a focus on harm reduction.

“Cannabis And The Adolescent Brain” addresses the following topics:

1. How the human brain develops as we grow up
2. How compounds in cannabis interact with the human body
3. How cannabis affects different regions of the brain
4. Health risks of cannabis use on a developing brain
5. Harm reduction strategies and access to support resources

YCAP takes a harm reduction approach toward recreational cannabis use. YCAP does not make value judgments regarding recreational cannabis use, rather seeks to minimize risks associated with cannabis use by providing the most accurate and unbiased information.

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To learn more, please visit ymcagta.org/ycap

Jan 31, 2022 10:00 AM in Vancouver

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