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Quantum Computing from your couch | Alexandra Waldherr
The myth of quantum computing becomes more present than ever. Google claimed to had reached quantum supremacy, but what does this even imply? What should we even develop quantum computers for? I will try to explain the basic build of a quantum device and the basic quantum operations, why we still have huge troubles scaling quantum up, and how you can comfortably access IBM's quantum computer from your home.

What will you know after attending this webinar?

- What quantum hardware is and where the research is currently at.
- The basic quantum logic gates and how to combine them to entangle qubits and put them into superposition.
- How to write a small quantum program at home.
- Where "quantum calculations" contribute to fun everyday phenomena.
- Where to start learning more.

What will you need to prepare before joining this webinar?
- an open mind & curiosity
- paper and a pen to eventually solve some quizzes on the way

Jun 18, 2020 04:00 PM in Vienna

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Alexandra Waldherr
My passion for chemistry and physics started quite early but at age 15 I realized how much more efficient it can be to use visualization and data science to opt my laboratory game! :) I started with Python but quickly found myself interested in quantum computing - especially as there are quite major problems in life science that quantum computers could help us solve like e.g. protein folding problems, which are crucial to understanding the processes in everyone's cells. I won the Viennese Physics Olympiad best girl and was invited to join the research on kaons at CERN, Geneva in autumn 2019.