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Finding Momentos: How Design Thinking Led to Better “Sex Talks” for Hispanic Parents and Their Teens

Research shows that parental influence makes a real difference in helping teens make good decisions. Hispanics and Latinx teens have the highest childbearing rate in the United States, yet cultural norms prevent many parents from openly discussing sexuality and pregnancy prevention with their children—in part because they received little or no sexual health education themselves. Although parents understand the importance of having these conversations, they often struggle to provide their children with practical sexual health and pregnancy prevention information.

Momentos (or “Moments”) is a text message program designed specifically for Spanish-speaking parents that provides practical guidance for communicating with their children about sexual health. This presentation will review the design thinking process—a user-centered approach to innovative problem solving—that led to Momentos, and results from the pilot program demonstrating behavior change, including 91 percent of survey respondents using content to initiate conversations with their teens.

Jun 27, 2019 7:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Laura Lourenco, MBA
Laura Lourenco, MBA, is a Certified Usability Analyst with a background in user-centered design and psychology. She has spent her career at the intersection of technology and public health, designing superior user experiences for digital products on behalf of clients, including the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ms. Lourenco completed experiential training from Design Thinking gurus at IDEO, where she learned how to generate and identify innovative solutions to important problems. She is skilled at planning, facilitating, and analyzing Design Thinking exercises, such as user interviews, brainstorming, analogous research, prototyping, and experimentation. Her greatest professional joy is giving users a voice in the design process.
Julie Yegen
Julie Yegen is a senior digital media manager with 10 years of communications experience. She leads digital and social media strategy for federal public health campaigns currently focused on heart health, adolescent and school health, and HIV prevention. Ms. Yegen has also supported flu vaccination and child immunization campaigns, and led the Westat team to victory in a “Shark Tank” style design thinking competition to find new solutions to teen pregnancy prevention. She is a creative thinker with a penchant for project management, and is always considering how digital and social strategy fit within broader communication goals. Outside of the office, she designs greeting cards, which are to thank for helping her accomplish a lifelong goal: To be featured in a BuzzFeed listicle—among the “33 Perfect Father’s Day Cards.”