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Immersive Music Mixing – First steps into 8D Music and binaural audio productions
You have probably already heard of the "8D Music" hype. This content is produced using binaural spatializing tools like the dearVR MUSIC plugin from our partner Dear Reality ( https://dearvr.com ) They are the experts for spatial audio software and algorithms within the Sennheiser AMBEO program. "8D Music" has somehow reached the audience's attention with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and Spotify. How can you leverage the virality and hype around this technology and create immersive audio content that touches listeners in a new engaging way?

The typical 8D productions are generated by binaurally rendering a song's stereo mixdown, but this has certain limitations.

We will show you how you can build in top of that to create an even more immersive binaural mix by positioning each instrument in the virtual space and bringing the whole production to a new level of listening experience.

During the webinar, we will demo binaural production workflows and discuss the hype around the so called "8D technologies". What consequences does this bring for music production in general. The hosts will be Christian Sander (CEO Dear Reality), Kai Detlefsen (Marketing Manager Dear Reality), and Johannes Kares (Sennheiser AMBEO team).


Christian Sander (Dear Reality)
Johannes Kares (Sennheiser AMBEO)

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