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Tips for addressing burn-out with smaller teams & unpredictable demand
Description: Hotel teams are doing a lot more, with a lot less. With unpredictable demand and spotty revenue, management is hesitant to staff up and spend, putting a strain and extra stress on the existing revenue-generating team. It’s critical for hotels to spot burn-out signals, proactively boost morale, and leverage technology to drive occupancy. A healthy team can steer your property towards profitability, but a drained crew will focus on mere survival.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

• What forms burn-out can take on your hotel staff and how to recognize it
• How personality indicators identify stress in your employees: how to mitigate and motivate
• Easy ideas to make work fun for hotel staff and lighten the mood
• Find reasons to celebrate – when traditional success metrics are down and out, what are the KPIs that matter?  
• Identify process inefficiencies and tackle them immediately: siloed systems, teams, and programs
• Lean into your tech stack and allow automation to take the strain off your teams

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