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Removing Barriers and Facilitating Access: Supporting Trainees with Disabilities Across the Medical Education Continuum
Improving access to education for people with disabilities is an important aspect of creating a diverse health care workforce, yet programs may have little experience with how to ensure an equitable environment for learners with disabilities. In this webinar, we will present the barriers and facilitators of access, technical standards, essential functions and core competencies. We will examine the review of candidates with disabilities for selection at the UME and GME levels, and best practices for determining appropriate accommodations for disability and supporting disclosure.

Attendees of this AMA webinar will be able to:

Discuss best practices for structuring disability disclosure and accommodation decision-making in UME and GME.

Describe the differences between technical standards and essential functions and how they can and cannot be used to evaluate trainees with a disability.

Discuss the need to enhance connections between well-being, mental health and disability supports.

Outline actionable steps for improving access in training programs.


Justin Bullock, MD, MPH
Resident physician, internal medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Sharad Jain, MD
Associate dean for students
Professor of medicine
University of California, Davis, School of Medicine

Lisa Meeks, PhD
Assistant professor of family medicine
University of Michigan Medical School
Director, Docs With Disabilities Initiative

Samantha Schroth
MD/PhD candidate, G3
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Maya M. Hammoud, MD, MBA
Senior adviser, medical education innovation
American Medical Association


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