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Secure and Private Compute: Disrupting Cyber-Insecurity
The cybersecurity landscape is undergoing radical transformation through breakthrough technologies that for the first time offer secure and private compute (SPC) to enterprises. We wish to encrypt data across the three phases that track its complete lifecycle: at rest, in flight, and during compute. With encryption of data throughout its lifecycle and with the encryption keys controlled by the data owner, it is possible to offer maximum security and privacy. The challenge has been creating viable encryption in compute schemes – this is what SPC technologies tackle. The usual, current practice in any computation on encrypted data is that first you need to decrypt it, perform the required computation, and then encrypt the results. The challenge and ‘holy grail’ has been to compute with encrypted data and do so within reasonable time and cost.

This introduction to the topic webinar explains why SPC is now possible and what the future holds for SPC.

Take aways / what you will learn, your questions answered:

1. What is secure and private compute, why does it matter, and what is different and possible today?
2. What will happen next in this technology?
3. Where can I learn more about this technology?
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