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Building a Tech Company for a Dream Exit
When you start or are building a Tech Company you are not thinking about your exit and that is very understandable. This, however, is a mistake as you need to think ahead; building a tech company is great but what is your long-term strategy? Will you, for example, lead this company forever? And since nothing is forever(!), it is better to anticipate on this fact.

In our webinar we will talk about:

- My Journey
- Number and Figures of Deals done in SMB
- Do's and Don'ts for a Dream Exit (15-20 x EBIDTA)
- Q&A

You will learn how you can maximize the value of your company, the do’s and don’ts and how buyers will evaluate your company.
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Martijn van der Hoeden
Founder and CEO @No Monkey Business
Martijn started his company in 1990, Assistance Software when he was 18 years old. In the last two decades, he expanded his company from a small Dutch software developer to an International Microsoft ISV with more than 250 resellers in over 25 countries and 35.000+ users. His flagship product, the PSA Suite was selected in 2016 by SPI Research as the most used CRM embedded PSA solution and second overall. The PSA Suite is built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and provides a complete solution, from Funnel to Cash. Early 2017 Assistance Software was sold to Unit4, and the PSA Suite found a great home with Unit4. After one year, May 2018, Martijn left Unit4. Martijn has been instrumental in completing the merger of the two organizations and strengthening the Unit4’s partnership with Microsoft. June 2018, Martijn founded his new company No Monkey Business to help other Tech Entrepreneurs with their Dream Exit.