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Beyond the IT Stack: Connecting Humans and Robots for Greater Digital Transformation


Apr 7, 2020 01:38 PM

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Brandon Nott
Senior Vice President of Product @UiPath
Brandon Nott leads Attended Automation at UiPath. As a former customer, he has built a successful RPA practice and brings firsthand knowledge of all aspects of the RPA life cycle to the product team. An award-winning technologist with a deep focus on sustainable, robust systems design. From automating mortgage operations to testing wireless technologies, Brandon takes a holistic approach to digital transformation that brings humans and technology together, seamlessly. Not only does he create attending automations/robots at night, he is also avid race car driver, proud father of 3 and recently relocated to the NW area! How does he do it? Software robots. Come see.
Michelle Lee
Partner @PwC
Partner in the Intelligent Process Automation business that focuses on the application of emerging technology such as Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Data Capture across various functions. She has led a number of transformation initiatives that involved implementing various types of technology as well as changing aspects of data, people and process within a function. She also serves as the New York Metro Innovation and Productivity Leader.
Hunter Muller
President & CEO @HMG Strategy
Hunter is the President and CEO of HMG Strategy, LLC, the largest independent, objective, transparent and collaborative executive network in the world. HMG focuses on innovation and breakthrough strategies for core, parallel and new markets while studying the most successful organizations eco-systems and platforms such as Amazon and Microsoft. HMG Strategy is the provider of thought leadership and networking events for CIOs, CISOs, and senior technology executives. HMG Strategy offers a unique, integrated model for enabling C-level executives and their companies to draw upon courageous leadership to reimagine, reinvent, and rebuild their business models to attain the genius-level thinking required in today’s dynamic business landscape to achieve competitive advantage in the digital frontier.