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Where Are You Now? The Series
After the success of the first 12 hour "Where Are You Now? - The Pandemic" in August 2020 we have created a monthly series with different themes.

For 8 hours performance artist Ethan will be present on this call to talk to anyone in the world in 10-minute increments about each monthly topic. Each session will begin with Ethan asking, "Where are you now?" and it will go from there!

Upcoming Dates & Topics:
Sat, 17 April - Siblings: Having them, being one or NOT (Bring your sibling on with you!)
Sun, 17 May - Creativity, Art & Music
Wed, 23 June - TBA
Sat, 17 July - TBA
Sat, 21 August - TBA

The point is to put down your distractions and truly connect. Not only are participants encouraged to get real, be vulnerable and open up to Ethan, there will be people watching from all over the world. Drawing a parallel to social media, where we often spy, stalk and peep on our friends, their friends and people we don’t even know, this is an experiment in bravery. Will you just join the call & watch or will you raise your hand and join the queue to talk to Ethan?

We all have a story about where we are right now on the various themes - geographically, mentally, physically, emotionally- and Ethan will be listening and talking to as many people as he can.

Ethan will spend the entire 8 hours completely present on the call even if no one else is there. See you here from 4pm-12am (UK*)!

If you would like to donate to help cover the costs of the series please do so by making a contribution via PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/WhereAreYouNow

*Other Time Zones:
USA: 11am-7pm Eastern, 10am-6pm Central, 8am-4pm Pacific
Central Europe: 5pm-1am
Africa: Morocco - 3pm-11pm, Mozambique- 5pm-1am
South America: Uruguay- 12pm-8pm
Asia: Mumbai- 8:30pm-4:30am, Tokyo- 12am-8am
Australia: **It’s actually the next day for you 1am-9am Eastern

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