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May 7 – Animal Mythbusters
Can an owl turn its head all the way around? Do opossums hang from their tails? Can a cockroach actually survive a nuclear war? With the help of some live animals, animal artifacts and some interactive fun, we will bust some of these common animal myths!

May 14 – Magnifi-senses
Some owls love to eat skunks! Ok, so maybe their sense of smell is not great, but luckily they have other excellent senses that help them survive. Explore many more sense-sational adaptations and how the Zoo uses this information to aid in our animal’s welfare.

May 21 – Amazing Animals
Ever wonder how the North Carolina Zoo takes care of so many different animals? Tune in and learn about what it takes to care for some of the smallest to the largest animals.

May 28 – Animal Architects
Discover some of the creative ways animals build their homes, nests, or community housing. Learn how we can help protect habitats so these crafty critters can continue to be amazing architects!
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