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10 Minute Tuesday - How will Biden’s Tax Proposal Affect YOU?
Topic: How will Biden’s Tax Proposal Affect YOU?

Presented by: Jimmy Schulz, CPA, CVA, MT

We are now roughly six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, and many aspects of his proposed tax plan are beginning to gain significant attention. While there is a great deal of discussion and negotiation required before legislation is drafted, there are several key aspects that taxpayers should be familiar with as they plan both their short-term and long-term tax strategy. In this session, Jimmy Schulz will touch on each of the following issues:

1. Capital Gain Rates, and Transfer at Death Rules
2. Updates to Estate and Gift Tax Regime
3. Expansion of Self-Employment and Net Investment Income Tax
4. 1031 Exchanges
5. Individual Tax Rates
6. Corporate Tax Rates

In the coming weeks, our 10 Minute Tuesday sessions will focus more on these topics individually.


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