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Nucleus is proud to present this featured webinar, Going Global : How & When To Take Your Business To The World Market on Wed, May 25th @ 12-1PM Eastern
Nucleus Webinar - Going Global How & When to Take Your Business To The World Market
Nucleus presents another information-packed webinar about expanding business to the world market.

Dr. Shan Nair, President of Nucleus, will be joined by his guest, Mark Kent, Fractional CFO and moderated by Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, Founder of Let's Talk Supply Chain on Wed, May 25th @ 12-1PM Eastern, to unpack the following.

- Bringing talent from home country into new country of operation
- International marketing (FITT brings education on exporting)
- CFO/financial perspective on going international
- How and when to go international
- Mitigating the risks
- Offshore operations
- How to set up overseas (taxes, privacy, etc.)

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