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{small} bytes of happiness - Bottega
It's time to get creative and to use your hands - join us for this amazing fimo workshop with the team from The Bold Collective sponsored by Milliken-Ontera

In these strange times it seems everyone is returning to the basics. We’re all planting veggies and baking bread. It’s been a great reminder that it’s the simple things that matter and using our hands to make things has been very cathartic.

In line with this we thought it would be fun to get back to basics with a design and craft workshop using Fimo (for those in the dark, it’s polymer clay that you bake)
You will be provided with a kit of parts that enables you to make something unique. It’s up to you whether the end product you create is a wearable piece or a sculptural masterpiece!

To give some parameters to the workshop we’d like everyone to select two design principles and elements that they would like to focus on.
If it’s been a while, here’s a reminder..
DESIGN PRINCIPLES: Scale, Balance, Harmony, Emphasis, Contrast, Repetition, Movement, Proportion and Rhythm
DESIGN ELEMENTS: Colour, Line, Value Shape, Texture, Space, Form

In preparation for the workshop you are encouraged to consider what you would like to make and have some conceptual ideas on the above.

First 25 people to sign up before 22 July will receive a little fimo craft package sent home.
You are more than welcome to sign up after 24 July and join the session but we won't be able to send out a craft package.

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