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Fitness Connect: The Future of Fitness
A panel of fitness executives will unpack the innovations and opportunities for operators leading a digital pivot for their business. They will provide a critical review of the models they are seeing emerge in response to COVID-19, in particular the upsurge of a subscription model, and blended ‘at-home’ and ‘in class’ approach, whilst also outlining best practice for delivering a quality at-home fitness experience.

Key questions covered include:
1. What do fitness businesses need to do to effectively engage and retain their communities at-home?
2. What resource and capital is required to deliver a savvy online fitness experience?
3. What technology and operational challenges should I prepare for to get the best results?
4. How can we effectively cost and monetise digital offerings going forward?
5. Now that digital is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘need to have’ what does this mean for fitness revenue models?
6. How do you see the future of the fitness industry as a result of the pandemic? Even in a year’s time?
7. Is the home-subscription model the way to go? Is it sustainable?

- Daniel McCauley, Founder & CEO, BRANDWAVE MARKETING
- Ian Mullane, Chairman & CEO, KEEPME.AI


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