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Advanced Toilet Training Strategies for Children with Developmental Disabilities with Dr. Daniel Mruzek
Toilet training children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities often requires careful planning, ongoing analysis of data, and systematic application of the training plan. However, in some cases, success is not realized, and caregivers, and the professionals supporting them, are at a loss for what to do next. In this workshop, we will focus on troubleshooting especially difficult clinical cases, with an eye toward (a) systematic analysis and identification of the problem; (b) careful consideration of supports and strategies to overcome these problems; and (c) identification and mitigation of barriers to progress. This workshop will be organized around a series of clinical vignettes representing common challenges to training success, including aversions to the bathroom setting, especially slow progress, “holding” urine when on the toilet, dependency upon the presence of the diaper for elimination, and regression of toilet use after a period of continence.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will describe a systematic troubleshooting paradigm to be used when toilet training programs fail to progress.
2. Participants will identify specific strategies to use when the client demonstrates aversion to the bathroom setting.
3. Participants will demonstrate knowledge of systematic strategies to transfer from diaper to toilet, even for learners who demonstrate a strong preference or dependency upon the presence of the diaper for elimination.
4. Participants will identify strategies for supporting parents and other caregivers, especially for children who demonstrate a history of resistance or slow progress.

Aug 14, 2019 04:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Daniel W. Mruzek, PhD, BCBA-D
Associate Professor of Pediatrics @University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics in western New York
Dan received his doctoral training in Psychology at the Ohio State University and is a former Program Director at the Groden Center in Providence, RI. Dan has authored/co-authored more than twenty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on autism and other DD's. At URMC, Dan is a clinician and consultant, training school teams and supporting families of children with ASD and other DD's. He is a longtime faculty member in the ABA program at the University of Rochester Warner School of Education. He is on the editorial board for the journals Focus on Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities, Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and is a contributor to the Autism Speaks Got Questions blog. Dan is a coauthor of the Developmental Assessment for Individuals with Severe Disabilities and the Adaptive Behavior Diagnostic Scale by Pro-Ed Publishers, Inc. He is a popular community presenter and has provided trainings internationally for decades.