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RentTech: paving the way for a seamless rental experience
The world is facing unprecedented technological change and there is a multitude of changes and trends in the rental market that will impact all aspects of the rental industry. Technology is continuously evolving and is making the progress towards ease, speed and sophistication year after year. Discover how can you prepare with your rental business to survive in this ever - changing environment.

Rental companies can benefit strongly by exploring the possibilities of using emerging technologies and be ahead of the game in delivering the much-anticipated seamless rental experience. This session will explore:
• Utilising automation for security and guest comfort, revenue optimization and reduced utility costs
• Adopting innovation for distribution, reservations and customer verification systems creating the ultimate
Seamless experience
• Embracing the tablet as check in, credit card tap as payment and your smart phone as your key card to
attract the modern guest
• Gain speed on booking by utilizing technology to market your property effectively

Jun 16, 2020 09:30 AM in Dubai

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