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Web Accessibility Basics: How to Improve Your Site and Why It's Crucial
This webinar will cover 4 foundational dimensions of web accessibility:

1) Legal: What are the guidelines of ADA compliance, what steps do I need to take to mitigate lawsuit risk, and what is WCAG?

2) Technical: How do I test for accessibility errors and how do I actually implement WCAG standards into my site?

3) Business Potential: In what ways beyond "good PR" does my bottom line increase from adopting accessibility practices?

4) Social Responsibility: What are the ethical implications of excluding the disabled community and why is social responsibility important?

People who may find this webinar most useful are:

-Anyone concerned about their site's accessibility but are inexperienced in testing or remediation
-Anyone looking for clarity on what the actual legal requirements (WCAG) are
-Marketing Department Leadership
-Website Development Agencies or Marketing Agencies who are optimizing websites for their clients

We hope to see you there!
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Shawn Pike
VP @User1st
Raegan Bartlo
VP @User1st