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Pivoting to Action: Patient Advocacy, Preparation & Protecting The Birth Village
This webinar will dive into the realities of the new birth landscape in the USA given the growing COVID-19 crisis. We will discuss actionable tools that doulas can use to help support their birthing clients. We will unpack the consequences of new hospital policies and what people can do to when entering the hospital system. We will explore out of hospital birth and how people can pivot and reframe their birth vision. We will also support birthing people with advocacy tools. Whether you're being confronted with birthing without your doula, birthing solely with your partner or birthing alone, we are going to focus on action steps to help you navigate this time. How do I as a patient ask my doctor questions? How do I as a doula support folks virtually? How do we coach effectively so clients give birth confidently? This is about supporting before, during and after birth and protecting the birth village. We will share the latest data on hospital policies (as this info is constantly changing). We will also explore virtual support and techniques to pivot during this time. This is a webinar for birthing people and folks who provide support as doulas, partners and others who want to be better prepared to navigate the birth process in the age of Covid-19.

The webinar will be hosted by Malika Hodge, NYC Centering Healthcare Institute Program Manager, and Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow


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