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Behind The Scenes of the Tesla Model 3 Navigation Hacking
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Sensors and Satellite Navigation are the core components of modern ADAS and autonomous navigation systems. However, these systems are highly vulnerable to hacking attacks such as spoofing and jamming.

In this webinar, Regulus Cyber researchers will share the findings (including never seen before footage) of the Tesla Model 3 experiment and explain what happened and what can be done to prevent such incidents.
The webinar is aimed at anyone interested in autonomous vehicles and stakeholders in driverless technology.

Article on the Tesla Model 3 Experiment -

Regulus is the first company dealing with smart-sensor security. From GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System - GPS) to LiDAR and Radar, smart-sensors are critical components across a wide range of applications, from mobility and automotive to mobile and critical infrastructure - real-world attacks against sensors are today a growing concern.


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