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SEA Conversations - Drawing Out Natures - Session #5 - Reclaiming our lost natural building practices by Biju Bhaskar
This lecture offers an insight into various native natural building techniques that frame the orientation of Thannal - a natural building awareness group. It discusses ways in which these techniques can be integrated within the present-day construction practice including wall systems, roofing, surface finishes and allied aspects.

Born in Kerala, India, to a farmer’s family, Biju Bhaskar stopped his studies at a conventional architecture college and travelled extensively in different parts of Indian villages. For one and a half years he worked under a tribal master making driftwood sculptures in Khajuraho. He founded Thannal Natural Homes in 2011, a natural building awareness group and is still continuing his inner journey in the self-study and earthen shelter movement in India. In the last decade, he has spent his time in research & documentation of indigenous shelters, spreading awareness through taking classes, workshops and publishing articles, books and videos on natural buildings.

Aug 12, 2022 05:30 PM in India

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