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FREE - The Missing Link: How your Clients can Benefit from Cuddlist® Sessions
“We’re connected creatures...our brains are wired to connect, we suffer when we don’t connect...our need for connectedness is not met by the culture that we live in.”
~Gabor Mate

This webinar, designed specifically for mental health providers, will cover:

*How Cuddlist sessions are structured

*How Cuddlist trained practitioners operate and what they offer your clients

*What is common to all Cuddlist trained practitioners and what differs

*How to Connect with a Cuddlist trained practitioner in your area and vet them

*Ideas on how to collaborate with Cuddlist trained practitioners

This event will be recorded and available for replay.

Apr 4, 2019 8:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Madelon Guinazzo
Director of Training and Co-Founder
Madelon created the Cuddlist training program for this innovative way of interacting with clients that many are calling Professional Cuddling. She is a communication consultant and instructor for healthcare practitioners of all stripes. She developed the Cuddlist technique through her own practice with clients in platonic touch therapy as well as her experience as a certified facilitator, and trainer of facilitators, for consent workshops that incorporate touch. Her mission is to encourage individuals to live satisfying lives by learning to reclaim their inner authority, give it voice, and effectively move toward their human yearnings. She holds a degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University and has trained extensively in many interactive ways to being intimate with oneself and others from professional acting and movement training to the Work of Byron Katie. She continues her own work with ongoing 12 step recovery and a commitment to being of service in the world.