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The Incentives and benefits of Open Science
Why should I incorporate the practices of Open Science into my research and how will it benefit me?

In this webinar, we will discuss the impact that Open Science can have on your research and in the scientific community. We will show the benefits while highlighting various features like open access, FAIR data, and open code. Open Science will make your research more ethical, reproducible, and reusable. We will provide practical examples of how Open Science can increase your funding opportunities, the impact of your research, your visibility, and ultimately boost your career opportunities. The aim of this webinar is to explain the advantages and impact of open science and to provide guidance on convincing collaborators and supervisors to get on board.
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Dr. Elmar Spiegel
@Core Facility Statistical Consulting at Helmholtz Munich
Elmar Spiegel joined Core Facility Statistical Consulting at Helmholtz Munich in 2018. For several years now the Core Facility Statistical Consulting constantly enlarged the training program in the fields of programming, statistics as well as reproducible and open research. The aim is to enable all PhD candidates and all other employees to provide sound evidence based research. Elmar coordinates the training program of the Core Facility and also regularly teaches courses. Before he started at Helmholtz Munich he did a PhD and Postdoc at Göttingen.