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A Century of Homemade Arms - Virtual Symposium
Join us for an interdisciplinary discussion examining the past, present, and future of craft-produced small arms and light weapons.

The craft-production of small arms and light weapons (SALW) by enthusiasts, non-state actors, and criminals is not a new phenomenon, but technological advancements have made the practice more effective—and accessible—than ever before. Once an involved process that required considerable technical expertise, emergent technology now permits anyone with minimal mechanical competency to produce effective small arms from the comfort of their home. Indeed, it is now possible to manufacture self-loading firearms without any regulated components which are beginning to rival factory-made weapons in performance. As manufacturing techniques such as 3D-printing and electrochemical machining continue to improve, the craft-production of firearms will become increasingly simple, and understanding these technologies will become increasingly relevant for policymakers, law-enforcement officials, armed forces, and civilian enthusiasts.

Dec 15, 2021 10:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Manufacture, or even attempted manufacture, of an unlicensed firearm is a serious crime in many jurisdictions around the world. This symposium is presented for educational purposes only. ARES is an apolitical, policy-neutral organisation.