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The Future of Antitrust: A Global Perspective
◘ James Keyte, Director, Fordham Competition Law Institute; Director of Global Development, The Brattle Group

◘ Olivier Guersent, Director-General, European Commission, DG COMP
◘ William Kovacic, Director, Competition Law Center, George Washington University Law; Former Chairman of the FTC
◘ Eleanor Fox, Professor of Trade Regulation, New York University School of Law
◘ Barry Hawk, founder, Fordham Competition Law Institute

Join us on Thursday, December 10th at 11:00am EST. The 90-minute panel will discuss the current state of global antitrust and what lies ahead in the near and distant futures.

Key topics to be discussed:
• Areas of divergence/convergence among U.S./EU and rest of world jurisdictions
• Specific developments (case law and regulation) addressing the digital economy, including nascent acquisitions, emerging theories of dominance/abuse
• The interplay among antitrust, Big Data, consumer protection and privacy
• and much more from these iconic antitrust thought leaders.

Registration is complimentary! The program is timely with the publication of panelist Barry Hawk's new book, Antitrust and Competition Laws. Registrants can purchase the publication with a 10% discount using promo code HAWK10

The publication is available here: http://www.jurispub.com/Antitrust-and-Competition-Laws.html


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