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KS2 Science online weekly class for 7-11 year olds
Weekly 30 minute science topics for KS2 (7-11). Audio and camera switched off for students but they can type questions.

Schedule of topics for the the next term can be found below.

6th Sep –Introduction to weather & Climate.

13th Sep – Clouds & Rainfall: including “make clouds in a jar” optional experiment (if they want to follow along, please ensure they have adult supervision if doing the experiment as it involves hot water and hairspray!)
You’d need:
-Hot water
-a clear jar with a lid
- handful of ice cubes.

20th Sep – Learn about The Water Cycle: Including “water cycle in a bag” suggested experiment. If you want to have a go, you’d need:
- Plastic zip lock-style bag
- Permanent marker
- Water
- Blue food colouring
- Tape

27th Sep - Introduction to the basics of Electricity & Power.

4th Oct – Electricity and Lightning.

11th Oct – What are electricity circuits? Amy will demonstrate how circuits work with a simple kit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224467094421?hash=item3443480b95:g:NJAAAOSwG8dgpMky

18th Oct - drawing and reading electricity circuit symbols.

TERMS: By registering to the webinar you are consenting to eLearn with Amy sending you an email with a recording after the event. he only way to access webinars live is via an automated confirmation email that you receive within immediately when you sign up. Please check you have this email and keep it safe or you won't be able to gain access live.
If there are problems or if you do not receive the confirmation email, please try to let me know with 24 hours notice so I have time to sort it for you.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure children are supervised if following any of the experiment demonstration, as some use hot water etc, to ensure safety. I am unable to see or hear the children attending a webinar. This means I cannot supervise them if they follow along with an experiment.It is not mandatory for children to follow along, they're welcome just to watch if preferred!
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