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KS2 Science: Hands-On Science Webinars
“ DNA and Me “
Delving into Inheritance and adaptations in a kid-friendly way for KS2 (also suitable for students transitioning to KS3)

5th Sep: Intro to Inheritance: learn about how some characteristics are passed down. Worksheets + quiz – no equipment needed this week.

12th sep: no lesson

19th Sep: What is DNA? Make model DNA! You’ll need: some small soft sweets such as gummy bears (4 different colours of sweets ideally), some cocktail sticks, and some long sweets (such as thick/rope like sweets such as strawberry cables/pencils, not the really thin laces).

26th: Adaptations: Darwin’s finches “best beak” activity. You’ll need: a variety of model “beaks” (for example: 2 spoons, tweezers, clothes peg, chopsticks) and some food items (raisins, blueberries, rice, bird seed, nuts, etc).

3rd Oct: Adaptations II: clones! Learn about how some animals and plants make clones. Optional idea: clone your own plant. You’d need: a house plant (I’d highly recommend a spider plant or pothos as they work so well for this), scissors, glass of water.

10th Oct: Adaptations III: Learn about peppered moths. Make your own peppered moth activity. Materials needed: a piece of thick paper/card, some salt and pepper, a pipecleaner, 2 paperclips, small paintbrush, and black paint.

17th Oct: Genes: Extract the DNA from a strawberry – experiment demo. Equipment (if following along): 2 strawberries, 1 ziplock bag, washing up liquid, water, 2 plastic cups, 1 coffee filter, some cold rubbing alcohol/Ethanol/ isopropyl alcohol (chill in freezer 10 mins before lesson).


SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Adult supervision is required during all activities. I am unable to see or hear the children attending a webinar. I cannot supervise attendees. It is the responsibility of the guardian supervising the attendee to take necessary safety precautions when performing any experiment. eLearn with Amy shall not be held responsible for any damages, injuries, accidents or mishaps.
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