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KS2 Science online weekly class
Weekly 30 minute science topics for KS2 (7-11).
1-130 pm on Mondays.
Relaxed webinar lessons with a typed Q and A. Audio and camera switched off for students but they can type questions.

Schedule of topics for next few sessions. You are welcome to join anytime or just come to subjects you like the sound of as each week is a stand-alone webinar.

Schedule of upcoming topics in the next term:

19th April: Human Bio special: Curious questions - Why do our stomachs "rumble"? Why do our fingers wrinkle in water?
26th April: Human Bio special: Curious questions. Why and how do we get "goosebumps"? How do the muscles in our face work? Why do we laugh?
3rd May: Human Bio special: Parts of the brain and how our minds work.
10th May: Plant science special: curious questions. What are carnivorous plants? Why does a cactus have thorns?
17th May: Plant science special: curious questions. How are plants grouped? How do plants adapt to seasons?
24th May: Famous Scientists special: modern scientists.

W/C 31st May - Half term, no webinars

Next term to be available to book on Fri 28th May.

Registration terms: the only way to access webinars LIVE is through an automated confirmation email that you receive either instantly within a few minutes of signing up. You must have this confirmation email before the live webinar, or you won't be able to gain access. If there are problems and you do not receive the confirmation email (due to email typos in the registration sign-up, for example), please try to let me know with 24 hours in advance before the webinar start time at least so I have time to sort it for you. If not, I will only be able to issue a recording of the lesson. I cannot help gaining access during the webinar or at the start time as I will already be delivering/prepping to deliver the session. Please ensure you keep the confirmation email safe after registering. Thank you.
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