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Developing Leaders Through a Crisis: Webinar Series
A 6-week Webinar Series intended to introduce design and construction professionals to a servant leadership model that will equip them to not only lead themselves but inspire and lead their team to serve the needs of their clients and impact their community.

• Is a leadership position for you?
• What do you need to know to effectively lead your team?
• How do you inspire people while in survival mode?
• How can you get everyone on your team working in their “sweet spot” and reaching their fullest potential?
• How do inspire your from focusing on” winning projects” and transition into real partnerships?

While most in the industry thought leadership training could be squeezed in while production was at an all time high, good design and constructions managers never had the opportunity to be developed as leaders. Now that we are facing unnavigated waters, its going to take leaders at every organizational level to face head-on the impact of COVID-19 on their families, teams, clients, clients, communities, and markets.

Each week, this interactive webinar will focus on specific actionable behaviors required of managers and executives to effectively lead, inspire, and manage their team, division, or company.

Actionable Insights:
1. 4° of Leadership
2. Personal Pathing
3. 10 Behaviors Required of Leaders Right Now
4. 3 Priorities to Ensure Your Team’s Progress

Desired Outcomes:
• A personal decision to fully except or decline a leadership role
• Clarity, execution, and achievement on your personal purposes and vision for your life
• Understanding of the needs of clients and the market
• How to develop and prioritize a simple plan
• Clarity on what it takes to lead through the market recovery from COVID-19
• How to inspire people
• How to manage your team and ensure progress
• Becoming a Pioneering Leader: a pro who is passionate about the needs in their community and can inspire others, build a team to serve it, and prosper!
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