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COVID-19 Spay/neuter and Vaccine Clinic Preparedness Guide
Each spay/neuter provider and shelter needs to build a plan to reopen and operate in the “new norm." This may vary for each organization as to what this looks like, but seeing examples of what others are doing can help.

Join us for a panel discussion and Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth Berliner from Cornell University, Dr. Cynthia Karsten from UC Davis, Dr. Jen Bolser from Association of Shelter Veterinarians, Natalie Corwin from Pet Community Center TN, Gina Clemmer from Clinic HQ and Aimee St.Arnaud from Best Friends Animal Society. They've put together a resource on how to follow social distancing guidelines while safely performing spay/neuter surgeries including samples and options for:

• virtual scheduling and payments
• curbside intake
• curbside release
• addressing inventory shortages
• handling staff flow
• prioritizing patients
• financial and business considerations

This webinar will be recorded.


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